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Reinson Consultants currently offers 3 fields trips:

Modern Barrier-Island and Estuary Environments Maritime Provinces -
September 7-13, 2014
This field course focuses on the barrier-island and associated estuary systems on the north Coast of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick respectively. Throughout the field trip, emphasis is placed on comparing the modern systems to rock analogs in the Cretaceous of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

Barrier Beach, Strandplain and Estuary Environments of the Mesotidal Oregon Coast - October 2014
This four-day field seminar takes place on the northern coast of Oregon, from the mouth of the Columbia River southward to Tillamook Estuary. The course is designed to illustrate the various beach, nearshore, and estuary environments that can be encountered along high-energy wave-dominated mesotidal shoreline systems. These modern environments are examined in the context of developing models for use in interpreting ancient clastic sequences in the Western Canada Foreland Basin and in foreland basins elsewhere.

Cretaceous Channels and Associated Deposits of Southern Alberta and Northern Montana - Dates Open
This four-day field course involves outcrop examination of prolific hydrocarbon-bearing units in the subsurface of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The course will be of interest to geologists, geophysicists, and engineers working on clastic and mixed clastic-carbonate reservoirs in the Foreland Basin of Western Canada.

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