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Selected Projects & Studies

Detailed Facies and Reservoir Mapping, Ostracod Sandstone Deposits, Southwest Alberta, 2013 to 2014 – ongoing

Detailed Facies and Reservoir Mapping, Chinook Formation, Deep Basin, Alberta, 2013 to 2014 – ongoing

Detailed Lithological and Reservoir Mapping, Banff-Exshaw-Big Valley ("Alberta Bakken") Formations, Southern Alberta, 2012 to 2013 – ongoing.

Detailed Mapping and Reservoir Evaluation of Cardium Sandstone Trends in Several areas of West-Central Alberta, 2009 to 2013 – ongoing project activities.

Detailed Stratigraphy and Mapping of Potential Reservoir Trends, Viking Formation, Willesden Green/ Brazeau Area, West-Central Alberta, 2011.

Interpretation of Sedimentary Environment and Reservoir Trends, Ellerslie Formation, Crossfire Area, Central Alberta, 2010.

Torquay Core Study, Frys East/ Ryerson Area, Saskatchewan – Reservoir Lithofacies and Mapped Trends, 2010.

Facies Analysis and Reservoir Mapping, Bluesky Formation, Panny Area, Northern Alberta, 2010.

Facies Analysis and Reservoir Mapping, Cummings/Dina Member, Winter Oil Pools, West-Central Saskatchewan, 2010.

Detailed Stratigraphic Mapping, Basal Bell River Oil Pools, Warburg Area, West-Central Alberta, 2010.

Regional Evaluation of Shaunavon Oil Pool Trends, Southwest Saskatchewan, 2009.

Facies Analysis and Reservoir Mapping, Dina Member, John Lake/Onion Lake Area, Alberta/Saskatchewan, 2009.

Regional Stratigraphic Setting and Facies Analysis, Notikewin Member, Wilson Creek and Edson Areas, Alberta, 2009.

Expert Witness Project Relating to ERCB Jurassic/Cretaceous Pool Designation Hearings, 2009.

Facies Analysis and Stratigraphic Mapping of Bakken Formation, Roncott Area, South Saskatchewan, 2008

Facies Analysis and Stratigraphic Mapping, Beaverhill Lake Reservoir 'Sand Unit', Tp. 66 to 72, Rg. 25W5 to Rg. 6W6, 2008

Resevoir facies Mapping of Potential Exploration Trends, Spearfish/ Amaranth Formation, Southwest Manitoba, 2007.

Lithofacies Analysis, Reservoir Mapping and Depositional Modelling, Sinclair Doig Field, Tp. 72 to 74, Rg. 11 and 12wb, West-Central Alberta, 2007

Facies Analysis and Mapping of Reservoir Trends, Halfway Formation, Knopcik-Hythe Area, Alberta, 2006

Review and Summary Report on Oil and Gas Activities in the Canadian Arctic and Contributions to the AMAP Chapter 2 Project.
For Oil and Gas Management Branch, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 2005.

Viking Reservoir Facies Mapping Study, Kaybob - Judy Creek Area (Tp. 63-68, Rg. 12W5-20W5), 2005.

Viking Facies and Mapping Project, Tp. 50-57, Rg. 19W5-24W5 (inclusive, 2004.

Jeanne d'Arc Formation: Depositional Model and Paleogeographic Setting -
A Review and Analysis Pertaining to Husky's Hebron Extension Application
, 2004.

Evaluation of Jurassic / Basal Mannville Cores Pertaining to AEUB Pool Designation Hearings, 2004.

Subsurface Stratigraphy and Regional Mapping of Bluesky Sandstone Deposits, Cadotte to Hay River, northwest AB to northwest B.C., 2003.

Bluesky Reservoir Mapping Study, Pine Creek Edson Region, Central Alberta, 2002.

Reservoir Geology and Facies Mapping, Hayter Dina Pool, Tp. 40, Rg. 1w4, 2002.

Regional Geology of Wabiskaw/McMurray in the Leismer/Chard Fields, Athabasca Oil Sand Area, 2001 (Submission to the AEUB).

"Expert witness" – Oral and written submissions to AEUB "Gas-Over-Bitumen" hearings, Jan - May, 2002.

Reservoir Facies Mapping, Cessford Upper Mannville "C" Pool - West Unit, 2001.

Hydrocarbon Potential and Exploration Play Trends, Northwest Teritories and Yukon - a Techncial Inventory and Geological Review. Multiclient study with Sproule Associates Limited, 2000.

Evaluation off MacKenzie Delta "Call for Bid" parcels, 1, 2, 3 and 4,
September, 1999. With Sproule Associates Ltd., and Drummond Consulting Ltd.

Gas Resources Potential Study, Northeast British Columbia, February, 1999. With Sproule Associates Ltd. and Drummond Consulting Ltd.

Viking Formation Facies and Mapping study Tps. 40 to 47, Rg. 7 to 12w5, 1998.

Ostracod Member Reservoir Facies and Mapping Study, O'Chiese/Carnwood Region, Central Alberta, 1997.

Facies Analysis of Doig Formation, Cache Area, Northeast British Columbia, 1997.

Facies Analysis and Reservoir Mapping, Crystal Viking Field Central Alberta, 1988-1998.


Assessment of Undiscovered Gas Resources, Scotian Shelf, 1998. Multi-client proposal with Drummond Consulting Ltd.

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